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What is the Loop?

It’s no secret that in every person/family’s life cycle, there are typically a handful of professionals, each responsible for their own piece of a comprehensive planning puzzle. It’s our belief that all avenues of everyone’s financial life are intermingled and in most cases, reliant on one another. Conversely, we’ve found that the professionals who perform these services for the public seldom have any affiliation, communication or close contact with one another! Crazy isn’t it? After years of witnessing the fallout from this industry disconnect, we’ve come up with a cutting edge planning philosophy: The loop. When every professional is in communication with one another, you and your family are the true beneficiaries.
Loop Wealth Management
Wealth Management

Our team at TIMI developed a framework of portfolio models, or recipes if you will, that were comprised of hand-picked investments. The allocations main objectives were proper risk management, cost control and superior performance.

Loop Insurance

Insurance is the starting point and foundation of any sound financial plan. Applied risk management allows us to determine accurate coverage at the most competitive price. Whether auto, homeowners, life or health, we have you covered.

Loop Legal
Estate Planning

Preserving and passing your legacy correctly is as vital as the milestones you've reached in creating it. Utilizing our synergy of professionals allows the client to maintain their goals while always staying current with any change in estate and elder law.

Loop Taxes

Although many wouldn’t think of it in such a way, the tax return is anyone and everyone’s specific financial blueprint. Providing tax preparation services allows our team to constantly stay on top of your personal, ever-changing economic environment.

Why the Loop?

Over the years, TIMI professionals have seen volumes of client problems caused by the “compartmentalization of financial professionals”. That is, usually the accountant doesn’t talk with the attorney who doesn’t talk with the insurance agent who doesn’t talk with the investment manager. So guess who typically gets the short end of the stick?...YOU! So TIMI created the LOOP; our comprehensive team of professionals, so that the different facets of the financial world come together to maximize your objectives and goals. TIMI has in-house investment & insurance management, tax preparation and works closely with legal counsel to refine your financial situation. In addition, our clients really value the privacy gleaned by NOT having their financial records known and held in multiple firms. So you really should “Get In The LOOP”

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