Manage Your Risk with Insurance

Many people don’t think about how their family would get by if they experienced a sudden loss of income due to a disability or an untimely death. Even those who have insurance may be underinsured, which can leave their loved ones at risk.

Let’s take a look at how you can prepare for these future circumstances without leaving yourself, your heirs, or your family in difficult situations.

First, keep in mind that the insurance that employers offer is often not enough to fully cover a family’s needs. The good news is that you can have one or more forms of additional insurance coverage to make sure that you and your family will be able to cover the bills if something unfortunate occurs.

Types of Insurance to Consider

Disability insurance is one type of insurance that can provide financial protection if you are unable to work or if you experience a drop in income due to a disability. It’s important to note that disability insurance will only cover a portion of the amount you earned prior to becoming disabled.

Oftentimes, it is higher earners that need disability insurance the most. This can be due to a number of factors like higher living expenses or massive student loan debts that will need to be satisfied regardless of your ability to earn. Making sure you understand the cost-to-value and the number of different options available usually serves as a good starting point.

Long-term care insurance can be very expensive but can cover a significant chunk of costs incurred in a long-term care facility. Like most insurance products, the sooner you inquire, the more affordable it is likely to be. You should always read policy documents carefully before choosing a plan or work with a trusted adviser who can consult and recommend the best options. Before making a decision on insurance, you should understand the exclusions, waiting periods, and other provisions.

Life insurance is another common type that provides financial support for your family if you pass away. With this insurance, they will be able to cover the mortgage and other living expenses. A financial professional can help you figure out how much money your loved ones would need so you can purchase adequate coverage.

Umbrella insurance  Another thing to consider is if you’re found liable for an accident that injured someone. Often times your homeowners or auto insurance policy may not fully cover the medical bills and other expenses incurred. If the injured party begins a lawsuit over the incident, it may subject your home, retirement savings, and other investments to great risk.  As UMBRELLA insurance can protect you by providing extra coverage that goes beyond the limits of your homeowners or auto policy, it is a wise plan to consider.

Get Help Choosing the Right Coverage to Protect Your Income and the Future of Your Family

TIMI advisers have been insurance licensed for over three decades. We will provide a comprehensive in-house analysis to identify household vulnerabilities and piece together a plan to reduce your risks. Once we’ve reviewed your existing annuities, medical, and life insurance policies, we can work with our network partners to help you find the combination of insurance policies that will provide your family with financial protection.

If you’d like to discuss your current financial situation, future needs, potential risks, and available options for one or more types of coverage, give us a call!