Capital Gains Tax in Mutual Funds – What You Should Know

Investing in mutual funds is something you may have heard about before. Those looking for a solid way to invest their assets will often choose these types of investments because they can offer the chance to invest in a more diversified portfolio.

Even if you’ve never looked into options for managing your finances before, there are some important things you’ll want to keep in mind as you pursue Mutual Funds.

Understanding Capital Gains Taxes

Capital Gains Taxes, which you may be responsible for, are something many dismiss when they’re first getting started but there are many reasons to factor this in as you plan for your future.

Both long-term and short-term capital gains should be considered. When these are in a taxable account, and depending on how much you’ve earned for the year, your tax bill could come as a surprise.

Currently, there are some benefits to keeping the investments for longer than one year as it may provide greater tax savings versus selling quickly.

Understanding these different working parts may require working with a trusted investment management firm. At Toomey, we can help our clients create tax-efficient portfolios. That means using more than actively managed mutual funds – like ETFs, individual stocks/bonds, and index funds – that may minimize unfortunate tax surprises at the end of the year.

Planning for the Future

Of course, we can’t talk about Capital Gains Tax without also talking about the hot topic issue in the press right now that many investors are keeping an eye on. And that is the emerging threat of taxation of long-term capital gains which the current administration has hinted at possibly enacting.

If this were to pass and become reality, there are a number of different things that could occur in the larger market you would want to be aware of.  For example, substantially higher rates could spark mass selling in 2021 and impact the market as many become leery and take money off the table before 2022. And that’s only the start.

So what should you do? Work with a team that understands all of the parts working together and that can implement strategies that will mitigate your tax burdens for the long term.

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